Monday, August 21, 2006

August 15-20

Ms. Dolphin got to see her winter home for two days and then travel to the woods. The woods is the ancestor home of the Johns clan. The land is above the Allegheny River and Ms. Dolphin gets her own spot under a pine tree when she visits. Wade (Lew’s Dad) (age 94) was sick so the companions traveled to the woods to see if they could be of any assistance in the getting better process.

Meals were cooked and the Kittanning farmer’s market visited. The Amish who go to the farmer’s market, hire a non-Amish (called English by the Amish) to take them to the market where they sell not only their wares but also produce from other parts of Pa. The companions got very good peaches from the Chambersburg Area. But how do the Amish get the peaches from Chambersburg? Hmmmmmmm……bet more “English” are involved in that process.

Walks were taken by the companions of Ms. Dolphin. Katz loves to take walks at the woods. If Jan and Lew forget her and she can get outside she runs and runs until she is with them. Katz and Jan needed a rest and a drink of water when they got the family picnic shelter (its roof was nailed down by Jan, years ago).

Sunday, Wade was much better, but Jan and Lew were both wheezing and headachy. So the plans changed and they left for New York. Ms. Dolphin was ready for more adventures.

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