Monday, August 21, 2006

August 21

Ms. Dolphin got Katz to wake the companions early. Let’s GO! Adventures await! So off the companions went to see what today would bring.

On the way to Interstate 15, Ms. Dolphin saw an abandoned iron furnace from another time. In Pa. these can be seen where nothing but trees exist now. A different world was in existence for the people of that era. Hmmmmm, what will the future land look like for our grandchildren’s children? What do you think?

Ms. Dolphin just loves to drive among Penn’s Woods. On Route 15 the woods were everywhere for miles and miles.

OH! After stopping for fishermen traffic jams as well as elk and bison, it was interesting for Ms. Dolphin to slow down for the feathered friends of PA. Turkey, our almost national bird.

A quick lunch and Ms. Dolphin is left in the parking lot as Lew and Jan travel to Gorge of Walkins Glen. The CCC spent 7 years making this path. Over 800 stone steps

and three tunnels help people go up the gorge.

It has 17 waterfalls….

Ms. Dolphin is not happy to report that cement and stone paths HURT the foot…..Wow that two mile hike hurt! Lets go the the KOA and use Internet and do nothing tonight and maybe tomorrow….NO MORE STONE WALKS……

Since Katz had a early rising, she needed a nap while the humans went on their hike.

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