Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 22

Ms. Dolphin arrives at Watkins Glen for Lew to take a morning hike up the Glen.  Jan says. "No way am I walking on stone for a long time."  Instead Ms. Dolphin takes her back to the KOA for a fine aerobic session in the KOA pool.

After lunch, Ms. Dolphin makes her way to Robert H. Tremain campground.  Ms. Dolphin is thrilled to get her underneath rinsed with creek. 

This is the third year that Ms. Dolphin has visited this lovely campground.  The swimming is closed!  Its a good thing that Jan swam this morning.  It will seem strange to be here with someone else in Cabin Number 2.  Last year that is where Adam and Trista stayed with Cordelia.  Amy and Chris stayed on Ms. Dolphin's site.  This year it is just Ms. you think Ms. Dolphin will be lonely?  Hmmmmm????

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