Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 24

Ms. Dolphin wants to get moving so we arrived at the apple cider store before it opened! Two shelter cats have a nice life at the store. Katz had a fine time hissing. The owner was a teacher at Cornell. Geophysicist who went to the Red Lodge geology field camp! Wow, what an interesting world. Talked Yellowstone and Geology, then apples and cider. He also gave us a hint to try for parking to eat lunch at Moosewood.

Ms. Dolphin managed to park near Moosewood! Jan had a great, fabulous lunch. It was Broccili Cheese Frittata. It was sooooooo good that Jan and Lew ate it all up before they thought to take a picture. Lew's taco was ok but he loved Jan's food too.

The chef said to follow the basic Frittata recipe in the New Classic Moosewood cookbook. Everyone said to go and take pictures of the recipe we did. Ms. Dolphin wanted one more day of travel so we stopped at the Bellefonte KOA with a good pool and fine Wi-Fi. E-mail indicated a quick trip to work was needed tomorrow to save database information, so tomorrow will be an early start.

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