Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 25

Ms. Dolphin wants to review the summer with her companions. This is her last day of summer travel. Jan starts work Monday with a quick run to work today.

So lets recap the summer experience

Best places to stay. * Rafter J Ranch-Black Hills----great biking, ok pool, great Wi-Fi access. Best sites on the hill.Want to go to Yellowstone 0n 90 because of the Stugis events in August. * Interior KOA---great view, good pool, Wi-Fi access. *The companions think the land at Island Park is the best place to park of everywhere. We are quite comfortable except for several hours in the afternoon when it gets hot. Our solar panels (cloudy afternoons meant no DVD that night) and propane (about a pound a day) took care of our needs. We need to dump and fill every four days when boondocking. Katz loved it cause she got off the leash.

Best food: *Our breakfast of fresh fruit, omelet, and english the fruit! *Nevada City Restaurant. *Moosewood. *travel food of pasta salad.

Best exercise *Fairy Falls walk at Yellowstone. *Boardwalk at Old Faithful *Mickelson bike trail at Black Hills. *Biking Lone Star trail. *Uncle Tom's trail for Lew (Who finally did it this year!)

Additional comments * stone and concrete hurt the foot lots, asphalt not as bad...dirt is good.... boardwalk is great! * new roads---Alternate 14---never again! Chief Joseph Highway--very pretty but slow. Going off I80 helped distract from the very boring drive. * Wi-Fi is very nice to have in the evenings.

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