Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 5

Ms. Dolphin loves waking up to the lake and mountains. Reading the listserv for the geysers is fun first thing in the morning. Oh my, T. Scott says Grotto was marathoning last night..HMMMM …..lets call the Visitor’s Center……is Grotto still in marathon? NO?
Does Ms. Dolphin want to go to the geyser basin? YES…..First lets get a campsite at Madison Campground for first thing in the morning Geyser Gazing.
On to the Geyser Basin. Lucky that Ms. Dolphin has the radio unpacked….MASTIFF to five feet!!! How fast can the bikes be put together? VERY FAST….Mastiff is surging…Bikes to your left!!! Run down the trail!!!! Watch out for the bikes…..Run down the trail!!!
Can we make it in time? YOU BET WE CAN…

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