Monday, August 07, 2006

August 6

Ms. Dolphin started her day at Madison Campground. She wanted a quick drive and breakfast at Great Fountain…But Great Fountain was a big hole….so she watched White Dome with eggs and coffee. What a pleasant way to start a day! Then on to Geyser Hill for a fine walk on the lovely boardwalk that doesn’t hurt Jan very much at all this year. Beehive might go……NO… but Plume did!

Then on to see Grotto…Ducks and Ducklings along the Firehole entertained us.
But no Grotto..
Lets see about Riverside…..No Riverside….
Lets bike to Fan and Mortar….No Fan and Mortar….
Ms. Dolphin is lonely and Katz is yelling out the window…..let’s go back to our land…
OK and we did. Met more neighbors but still NO water.

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