Monday, August 07, 2006

August 7

Ms. Dolphin needed an exhaust manifold stud. And the humans were OUT OF a trip to West Yellowstone was needed. After the purchases, Jan called the City of Island Park. Yesterday she had learned that Ms. Dolphin's driveway needed a permit! Well no, Fremont County construction required a permit but not the city. It was OK and Ms. Dolphin could keep her driveway.

The quest for water continues. Calls were made and people visited, but no response yet. Maybe tomorrow?

Ms. Dolphin paid close attention to humans discussion of where the cabin should go if and water is available. It was fun to figure.

Ms. Dolphin got bored and needed to go to the Targee Ranger station for maps. Yep one can walk or bike from the land to West Yellowstone. How cool is that? Using part of the old railroad grade as the path...even cooler.

Well the sun is setting and Ms. Dolphin needs to rest.

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