Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 8

Ms. Dolphin asked for a small adventure today. Sure, lets go to Henry's Lake State Park. Its three miles from the land. It has a campground and a boat launch. We could get a year round pass for the boat launch. Our place looks different from this angle. Can you see our neighbor's house? Hmmm? Then off to the Geyser Basin.

Ms. Dolphin saw several things so it wasn't a patrol of dead geysers.

The Trek bike was moved to the rack in antipation of the Miller's arriving. Ms. Cynthia called and she is driving to the geyser basin tomorrow with her old bike, Lew can play mechanic and change parts from one to the other.

Ms. Dolphin did not want to drive so much so we are spending the night at Madison Campground. That way Ms. Dolphin can watch Great Fountain and have an early evening. Note the many dead trees from the 1988 fire.

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