Friday, August 04, 2006

July 27

Ms. Dolphin was awakened by Ms. Cordelia who wanted a breakfast at the Tower Fall Campground. This first come, first serve campground prohibits generators and was a very quiet place to sleep. Ms. Dolphin did not like the smelly campfires, but that seems to be part of the American camping experience.

Then on to a Walk behind the Roosevelt Lodge.

Up the mountain to find Lost Lake.


Then across the ridge to Petrified Tree. Adam did not think he had been there, but he remembered it when he saw it. At this point, we had a communications breakdown. Lew went the road route to get to Ms. Dolphin since Jan’s foot wasn’t very happy. Adam and Trista went up over the hill at Tree to find the trail listed in their book. Jan walked the road to Roosevelt until Ms. Dolphin appeared. Then she waited at the lodge for a very hungry little hiker and her parents.

Then Ms. Dolphin drove to Old Faithful. When she pulled into the lower store parking lot she was so surprised to see the indicator going. Quick how far can we get to Beehive? Hmmm???

Then right after beehive was Grand! The children then took Cordelia to Geyser Hill while Ms. Dolpin waited for Amy and Chris to appear. After they arrived in the early evening, Chris got to meet an honorary family member, Big and Little Anemone Geyser.

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