Tuesday, August 01, 2006

July 26

Can a day get any happier? Ms. Dolphin does not think so. She looked out over her wonderful septic system and left her very own driveway to meet with Adam, Trista and Cordelia at Roosevelt. First a campsite for Ms. Dolphin was needed at Tower Campground.

Then Ms. Dolphin saw the terrific gulch that is part of Tower Falls. Wow! The columnar basalt formations near Tower Fall, the volcanic breccias of the "towers" themselves, and numerous igneous outcrops all reflect the district's volcanic history. How neat.

So after a hailstorm and a wait, in comes our family. Cordelia stayed in Ms. Dolphin and visited, while the ‘rents checked in to their cabin. Then it was off for the Yellowstone Cookout!

Ms. Dolphin did not think much of Champ and Charlie, the Percheron Draft horses who lead our wagon. She thought she should go to the cookout too. But it wasn’t a road we took across the plains to the sheltered area, but a wagon trail, so Ms. Dolphin could not go.

Cowboy coffee and Bob the Singing Cowboy met our wagon. Cordelia loved the music and went up and thanked him at the end of his singing. He let her run her finger across his guiter. The smile was worth everything.

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