Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Septic System

Sometimes, it just seems that it is meant to be. Ms. Dolphin is so certain that Island Park is the place for her to park part of each year. Her humans can not believe how quick and simply a driveway and a working septic system was installed. Katz just loves the land and has hidden in the sagebrush watching birds. Today Ms. Dolphin watched as the land was measured, remeasured and then two 40ft drainage field ditches and a 1000 gallon tank installed.

  Tomorrow, Ms. Dolphin is hoping to get a place at Tower Campground and meet Cordelia at Roosevelt where Adam, Trista and Cordelia will have a chuck wagon vegetarian dinner. Alas, Mike could not get us spots too. Internet will be spotty and sporatic. Cell Phone does not work.

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