Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Day

After spending the night with our friends Mike and Cynthia (and Alex and Megan), it was time to head for OF and geysers!

But first Alex and Jan indulged in some serious Ball playing...

We were all still saying Hellos at OF when a voice on the radio called...Beehive Indicator! This was the first Indicator of the season as the Thing has been Erupting with no warning until today. But only about three minutes into the "Beehive Walk", the eruption began.

Here then is Beehive in Full Eruption.

Home! to our Land in Island Park,ID.

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  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Hi! Laura Lynn catching up on Ms. Dolphin's travels. Great pics & comments. Historic note: while alive Crazy Horse predicted he would "return in stone". The entire mountain will eventually depict him on horseback. Blasting began in 1947, is carried on by one family, no tax dollars. The overall plan for the site will take probably another 60 or more years. Travel safely.


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