Friday, June 29, 2007

Smoke and Sickness

Ms. Dolphin is patiently waiting.

Ms. Dolphin is sooooo upset. At 5 AM her people left their lovely land and the geysers to head for where it wasn't smoky. Jan was very sick from the smoke from the West Yellowstone Madison Arm fire and wanted near a hospital. So off they went to find a place that wasn't smoky.

To see about the fire go to:

They went to Jackson, which was full of smoke from another fire and headed south. Finally ended up in Rock Springs in a motel room where Jan could recover or else go to the hospital. Since she is typing this, healing is progressing. Breathing and headaches are getting better. The travels of Ms. Dolphin will continue but who knows where.....if the Madison Arm fire continues to grow, Yellowstone will be out, but the bicycles are parked at OF (Old Faithful area).


  1. Oh no! What a bummer. :(

  2. Pat Hpe10:47 AM

    Hi jan and Lew,
    So sorry to hear about the reactions to the smoke. We plan to leave here on Wed., July 4th and camp at Madison on Thursday night. We will be staying until sometime on Tuesday (10th). Sure hope we can see you. I'll e-mail my cell phone numbers to you.
    Pat Hoppe


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