Friday, June 29, 2007

Up From Greenriver

Prudence indicated that we ought to stay put another day for Jan to rest. So Ms Dolphin trundled a few short miles to TEX's Travel Camp at the western end of Greenriver, WY, where Lew watched Trains on the Union Pacific Mainline all day...What Fun! You see, on several occasions Lew traveled UP the hill westbound out of Greenriver on a Long Yellow Streamliner...A thing of the Past, now impossible...Trains with Names...Like The City of Portland, The Challenger, and The City of San Francisco. So watching Long Freights all day today "making the Hill" was good.

Watching a Train on the UP.

Climbing the Hill westbound out of Greenriver.

Another Freight on the Hill.

And another...

And yet another.

All day the Long Trains climbed the Hill out of town, most of them drawn by three Locomotive units, each one the Horsepower and Tractive Effort equivalent of a Big Boy (largest Steam Locomotive to serve on the UP). Yup, 18,000HP makes that Hill a minor impediment.

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