Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sneaking in to Jackson

It was decided to sneak closer to the Park and see what the Fire Smoke situation might be. From Greenriver, Wy to Afton the highway parallels a railroad...

The old Oregon Shortline of the old Union Pacific.

This train on the Shortline doesn't look much like that Long Yellow Train, The City of Portland, that young Lew rode on along here once-upon-a-time.

On to downtown Jackson Hole, where Ms Dolphin (being quite Slim and Modest of Size), was able to insinuate herself into the last available Campsite in about a hundred miles.

The Humanoids were quite relieved to see Lovely Puffy Clouds in the sky to the North...
Instead of Nasty-Sick Wildfire Smoke.
Two days ago the Mountains here were invisible in Smoke!

When MsDolphin asked her People to stop here in Jackson Hole (she didn't want to be in the Awful Smoke), everyone was a little shocked at the price of this, the Last Campsite in Jackson ($52!), but Ms Dolphin was pleased to learn that she has her very own private Pooper Dumper (see it there between the freshwater Tap and the Electric Post??).

Ha! Perhaps somone thought that I was kidding about "Downtown Jackson Hole"... That is a Real, Honest-to-Goodness City Bus just outside Ms Dolphin's window!

Ms Dolphin will make a run for OF tomorrow in hopes of retrieving the Bicycles that the silly Humanoids forgot about the other day in their Mad Dash out of Smoke.

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