Monday, June 18, 2007

A Laidback KOA--June 17

Although yesterday was simply one of those Long, Hard Headwind kind of travel days, upon reflection I find it needful to add a brief Post regarding some end-of-day doings.

It turns out that the Jackson, MN KOA is our kind of place. One way of saying it is that the place has Gone to the Dogs! Or you could say it is a Laid Back sort of establishment.

One Manager.

The other Manager.

The Humanoid who only thinks she is the Manager.

The Big Dog showed up one day as a stray off the Interstate and these Good Folks took him in and discarded the Pool Table (put there for the use of Kampground Guests) in favor of the Couch big enough for a Big Dog.

While all the Laid Back Canine-style Office Management was going on Jan was working up a sweat in the Pool out back.

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  1. Remember when we did water aerobics at the campground last year?


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