Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Badlands & Deadwood

Time for a Morning Walk in the Badlands before heading for the Fresh Fruit and Veg Store...

Jan scrambling up the Badlands Wall

Lew on the Cliff Walk Trail.

Just Posing.

Ms Dolphin patiently waited while the Humanoids Scrambled up the Wall.

All this Scrambling generated Big Appetites for...Wall Drug Lunch! (of course)

Then we drove on to Deadwood (after stops at the AllTel store and the Fruit/Veg store) to the Campground at the bottom of "17 mile Hill" on the Bike Path. Yup, tomorrow we will pay the Nice Young Men to ferry us (and Bikes) up to Dumont so we can Cheat and always ride Downhill clear into Deadwood.

Whistlers Gulch CG on the Bike Path in Deadwood.

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  1. Jim and I really should do that Cliff trail. When we went to the Badlands IT RAINED!


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