Saturday, July 21, 2007

Camp Johns

Dear Reader, we must apologize for our recent failure to post in a timely way...
Our excuse is that the eponymous Camp Johns has become complete with the arrival of Cordelia, Trista, and Adam.

Camp Johns

A short time after her arrival, Cordelia got to see her favorite Geyser...


Then it was time for Adam to show her his favorite Geyser...


And then it was time to see Jan's favorite Geyser...

Great Fountain

Time for a 7 mile walk...

Adam and Trista are being watched.

Cordelia and Grandma crossing the Firehole River heading up the trail for Mallard Lake.

Almost there!

Mallard Lake
This periglacial feature has never had Fish in it. This wonderful log was great for dangling feet into the water.

Camp Johns now has all the comforts of home, what with the Migration of a one-time Ham's Store Picnic Table.

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