Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Giant Geyser!

Tuesday 5:00
It began with a Very Long Eruption (31.5Hrs) of...

Grotto Geyser which ended at 5:00Pm. This activity at Grotto caused...

...Nearby Variable Spring to drain deeper than we had ever seen.

Nearby Giant Geyser is also known to be affected by Grotto Geyser. One such effect often observed is an Eruption of Giant several hours after the end of "Grotto Marathon", and seemingly the longer the Marathon, the greater the likelyhood of a subsequent Giant Eruption. So after a near-record length Marathon, anticipation was high.

Wednesday 07:45:
David S. reported via Radio that the Recovery Hot Period (of Giant Geyser) still had not occurred and that we might have time to make coffee before heading down to Giant.

Coffee water was still heating when the call came...Water Rising in Mastiff!! (the sign of an impending Giant Hot Period-the thing which can trigger an Eruption). Out the door and onto the Bikes for the 2mi Ride to Giant. Mastiff surging to 4ft! Bike faster!...Mastiff to the height of Giant's Cone! Bike Faster!! Giant is Surging!! Bikes now at 22mph!! We arrived at Giant to see this sight...

...Mastiff Surging. Giant Surging. Bijou in Eruption. Catfish in Eruption.

The event we had all been waiting for happened...

Giant Geyser in Full Eruption!

This is geysergazing at it's most Dramatic Best...

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