Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camping in West

Although having shopped in West, Dined in West, Used to the Clinic, the Library and the Post office in West, and even attended a performance of A Comedy of Errors in West, Lew and Jan had never "Camped" in West (Yellowstone, that is). So they spent last night at one of the cheesy little crowded "Campgrounds" there. It was actually cheap entertainment watching present-day Middle Class America trying to Jam and Squeeze their Gigantic "camping" 5th wheel trailers pulled by Gigantic Smelly Noisy Diesely "pickup" trucks into the little spots engineered to fit the much more modest Travel Trailers of their Grandparent's time. How the expectations of the American Middle Class have grown (quite literally)!

Katz and Ms Dolphin taking the air at their campsite in West Yellowstone.

Staying in West caused Lew to contemplate his first time in this town...It was 1961 and a Yellow Union Pacific Streamliner brought the Johns family to the old stone-and-log Depot.

Dad took this Pic from the rear Vestibule a few miles from town, probably about 3 miles from the Land Jan and Lew own in Island Park.

And here is that Yellow Train at the Depot in West.

Actually, the stone/log building in the previous Pic was the Dining Hall. You see, trains to West Yellowstone had no Dining Cars (it was an overnight ride from Ogden so there was no need). So when the trains arrived in West...It was Breakfast-time. So the U.P. served breakfast in a beautiful Dining Hall, one feature of which was a massive (working) Stone Fireplace. That was travel in a more civilized genteel way, Eh??

1961 was the last summer that the Yellow Trains arrived in that town.

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