Sunday, July 08, 2007

Train Riding

Today Mike, Cynthia, Alex and Megan are going Train Riding with us here in Nevada City.

But first is Lunch at one of Jan and Lew's Favorite Restaurants, Star Bakery. One House Specialty is Deep Fried Sour Pickles. It is fun to watch the expressions on [unknowing] patron's faces when the Wait recommends this indeed Yummy but somewhat unconventional appetizer.

Then it was 'Boaard ...and off we all went. Mike's Favorite Girls enjoyed the ride.

Here we are moving along at a Heady walking pace. This Machine is 2ft Gage and 40 tons weight, a very Heavy Engine for this gage.

Here is the classic 45degree shot...Isn't She Lovely??

It only reached 91 degrees here today...

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