Saturday, July 07, 2007

Too Hot

11:00AM Friday: All the Portents were favorable for a Giant Eruption...

...So everyone appeared in the Cage at Giant to watch the first-Hot-Period-after-the-Grotto-Marathon event.
Giant didn't oblige and the Humanoids thought Katz needed some time out of her Crackerbox (Ms Dolphin), so they headed for the Land in Island Park. It was thought to be a more-or-less cat-safe place during daylight hours, so Katz had been in the habit of being outside on her own (loose, that is).
BTW, that nasty Big Geyser went and Erupted 4hrs after we left!

9:00AM Saturday: This morning, outside on her own, Katz nearly ended as Tasty Breakfast for this Sly Fox, which had managed to sneak undetected to a point 10ft from Ms Dolphin's door!
Katz was spirited away from that place forthwith to Virginia City, Mt.

Due to a case of [evident] heat prostration, Lew had requested a venue with an attachment for Ms Dolphin's Umbilical Cord (electric service for the Air Conditioner-seen here as the gray box with the red Cord plugged into it).
Notice that Dufus Katz is afraid of the friendly, leashed Dog (who likes to lick cats), while she remained unconcerned and oblivious to the Fox that would have eaten her!

6:30PM: Ms Dolphin is parked close to the Tracks for a "Dinner Camp", as Tioga George would call it...And here is the last Train of the day. For anyone not familiar, this Beautiful 2ft Gage 1905 Baldwin Locomotive is now operated by the State of Montana as a Historic Landmark during every summer weekend on 2mi of track between Virginia City and Nevada City.

7:00PM: Disaster strikes! Derailment!

The last car Split the Switch on the Wye at Nevada City.

It's gonna take some hard work to get those two cars rerailed...
We hope the Train runs tomorrow.

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