Thursday, July 05, 2007

Old Friends

Today was a Giant Watching Day! After a breakfast with an old friend, we started off down to the Giant cage......hmmmm.....some-one else seems to have the same idea. Can't he read signs?

I guess he is foot traffic though, Eh?

This is the cage at Giant Geyser where everyone meets on Giant Days to watch for "hot periods". During some hot period (we hope), Giant will erupt. We just don't know which one. So we wait...

...with old friends.

This is the proof..In 1985 we met the "farmers from Minnesota" for the first of many Yellowstone meets. Breakfasts, picnics, birthdays and geysers all are part of the wonderful memories we share with these old friends.

Well, all the humanoid old friends got to watch.....not Giant....but an old friend which was watched alot in the past. Go to to see our data from the past.

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