Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day Celebration

Today being Independence Day, it was decided to go a little farther than Jan and Lew had ever been...

So here Jan is gazing into the Clear waters of the Firehole River above Lone Star on the trail to Shoshone Geyser Basin.

Lew also finds the Water to be Clear.

On the way back, Lone Star was i.e. (in eruption)...Lovely Fireworks!

An early return to Camp was necessary in order to celebrate The Fourth properly by watching the Musical 1776. It must be the Correct Version, that is, the original Directors Cut which best represents the Vision of the Writers and Director. This version includes the song "Those Cool Considerate Men" which has as it's refrain the line "Always to the Right, Never to the Left". Richard Nixon, while President, ordered the producers to delete this song about Rightwing Businessmen. The Producers did as ordered...Remember that Nixon had the FBI making Files and performing surveillance on people he didn't like?? Ironic, huh...During my lifetime the one man (until Dubya) who was the worst threat to the Republic took great exception to the movie which best depicted how those very Bright, Dedicated Moral Men we call the Founding Fathers managed it...

Katz preparing to watch 1776!

Happy American Independence day to everyone, and please think on the fact that it was the Determination of Men of Moral Character then, not The Pentagon with it's Toys and Millions of Troops, who created and gave us the Freedom we enjoy today. I find "The Sound of Freedom" to be that of Reasonable Men of Honest Intellect engaged in Civil Discourse, rather than the Racket and Din made by F-16's doing a "Fly-by" for the Titillation of Air-Show attendees.

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