Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Up to Lone Star

Today was a good day to see an Old Friend...so up the Firehole River 2.5mi we went to check on Lone Star Geyser, so named because it is a major frequently playing Geyser alone in it's Basin with only a few tiny Bubblers and Fumaroles for company.

What we found in company today with Lone Star were these Beauties.

Yes, with a 3hr 20min interval-between-eruptions, Lone Star obliged us with a major Eruption at 11:30AM.

The lovely Bike ride up the Firehole to Lone Star inspired us so after lunch it was time to hike up to Observation Point to see what we could see-see-see.


What we saw was once again...Beehive, from 400ft above the Basin floor.

Dear Reader, you may have noticed a recurring theme in these little Tales of "Up-ing". For every trip "up" something, there has been a trip back "down", and here is the evidence.

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