Monday, July 02, 2007

Down to Riverside

Well, we have seen Cordelia's Favorite Geyser (Beehive) twice, so today we thought to watch an Eruption of her Mommy's Favorite Geyser...Riverside on the bank of the Firehole River.

So here it is. Beautiful, Huh??

A short walk further down the old road onto the bridge over the River (now a Bike/Pedestrian Path--much nicer) yields this different but equally beautiful view.
There exists a photo (taken by our Dad in 1964) of Lew, Sue, and Fred standing in the river under the Erupting Geyser.

A Geyser Gazer cannot be this close to Fan and Mortar Geysers (yes, 17 Vents erupt in concert) without having a look...Pretty Dead today. BTW, I don't believe anyone has seen the River this low this early in the season-not even in 1988. T Scott Bryan told us today that according to the Stream Gage at Ennis, the Madison River (formed when the Firehole and Gibbon Rivers join) is at only 32% of it's normal-for-this-time-of-the-season Flow...

And we couldn't resist a look at Artemisia Geyser a little further downbasin. Yup, this Lovely Pool erupts 40 or so feet into the air.

Meanwhile, back at Old Faithful Inn, a Ranger (also called a "Protective" in NPS jargon) was protecting one of the Inn Bison (several of the Great Beasts hang out behind the Inn most days) from over-eager, under-brained visitors. Look at Dufus standing with his back to the adult Bison 25ft away. BTW, we watched a small-brained Macho-man about 4yrs ago get ripped open by a Bison about 50ft from where Dufus-Man of today is standing...

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