Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Road to West

Motoring [just 32mi] from OF to West can be a bit of a Challenge...

...If there should happen to be any Creature bigger than a Pocket Gopher within easy sight of the Highway...(this was in Honor of 1 Dumb Elk with a RACK , laying down chewing it's Cud-yup, they do that, just like the Cows we Slaughter and Cook).
10mi later:
It happened too quickly to get a Pic...Here came 2 Serious Looking Rangers (one with a something-or-other-Pump-Shotgun) walking up the Road...Loaded for Bear...(yes, the 12Gage Rounds are loaded with "Rubber Bullets"-called "thumpers in NPS lingo). This is the "Tool" used by the Rangers to "dehabituate" the Bears to [Human] stuff.

Six miles later, and here are the Bald Eagle Babies...
BTW, 2yrs ago, the nest fell from the Tree, resulting in the Death of that summer's Progeny...
So NPS climbed the Tree and Reinstalled the Nest (complete with appropriate reinforcement).

Temperature in Island Park, ID (where Winter Temps go to -40)... that clock is registering Pm!

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