Monday, July 16, 2007

Chico Hot Springs

Saturday, July 14:
Cynthia had tickets to a Concert so Ms Dolphin trundled up the Road to Mammoth in order that Jan and Lew could Babysit Alex and Megan for her. Katz went along for the Ride.

Chico Hot Springs is only about 30mi from Megan and Alex's house, so everyone made their way there. While Ms Dolphin and Katz waited patiently, the Humanoids had a great time in the Hot Spring waters.

Alex and Megan waited patiently while the A-dolts changed into swimming suits.

Megan settled down to contemplate her fingers and toes...

While Alex and her Mommy had a lovely Soak in the warm waters.

What a Great way to spend an afternoon...

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