Sunday, July 22, 2007

Still Hanging Out

Sunday 06:00:
Trista and Adam leave for the Lone Star Trailhead. The Plan is that from there they will walk to Shoshone Geyser Basin on the shore of Shoshone Lake and back. Total of about 18mi...
Cordelia, Jan, Lew and Katz will spend the day relaxing at Camp Johns. To that end, Ms Dolphin came to Yellowstone well stocked with Playmobil People and accessories, as well as Mr Brother PE 207 (the Embroidery Sewing Machine) and his accessories and supplies...

I believe that [Playmobil] Cinderella and Prince Charming are preparing to go for a ride in the Volkswagon Rabbit Convertible...

...While Katz watches for one of the several Loose Dogs which frequent the Government Area this year. Katz finds Loose Dogs to be Dangerous and an Affront to Her Dignity, and she wishes the Park Rangers would do their Job and Arrest those [illegally] Loose Dogs. We are not quite as Right-Wing (you know-being all about Law and Order and Arresting and Jailing) as Katz, instead just wishing (I suppose sort of Left-Wing like) that the Humanoids would be more Self-Responsible and Considerate of their fellow Residents.

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