Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adam's Day: Giant

Smoke...Dear Reader, if you happen to be an Easterner, you might assume this Skyline to be normal-just [atmospheric moisture] Haze. Well, it isn't haze. It is Wildfire Smoke, probably from 300mi away in either Montana or Idaho, both of which are more-or-less on Fire.


While the Humanoids Hack and Choke, Katz remains unexcited.

So Grotto, after an overnight "Marathon" (long eruption), tried to Start at about the appropriate time (as predicted by Jan and Lew's "Mr Interval" mathematical model). Instead 15ft away (and definitely "connected") Rocket Geyser... went off with a Roar. BTW, Jan got to see this Event solo, as Lew was Abandoned to the Necessities of the Laundry facility. After the Rocket Solo, Grotto went interestingly silent...for much longer than is normal. Some know (or remember from a previous Post) that Giant Geyser is in some way "connected" to Grotto Geyser, so (in those years when Giant is active) any strange activity at Grotto means a Sharp Eye must needs be kept on nearby Giant...

Adam Johns (seen here ready to [successfully] Defend his Doctoral Dissertation on April 7, 2006, is one of several people who dutifully kept an Eye on Giant into the Night. He and those [few] other diligent Practitioners of the Art of Geysergazing present were Rewarded by an Eruption of Giant Geyser at 00:06, July 24,2007!!

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  1. Yey! He got to see it. Or more like "see" it, but you know. At least he wasn't totally thwarted this year.


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