Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cordelia Goes Swimming

Cordelia's vacation was a busy time for her. Here is how this one day went.

The day began with breakfast in the World's Second Largest KOA.
(Aren't you impressed and need I say more??)

A short (about 100mi) drive brought Cordelia and her People face-to-face with...TRex of course!
(one of the entertainments at Wall Drug.)

Then it was time for a walk, in this case on the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail in Badlands NP.

It was just about 100Deg F, so a rest seemed to be a real good idea.

Finally (about 3:30Pm) it got to be Cordelia's Favorite Time Of The Day.
Time for a dip in the pool, that is.


The next morning Cordelia , Trista and Adam Blasted Off for Bethel Park. (A South Dakota Cop took a dim view of their Eastward Velocity of 79mph at one point during their journey. Phooey!)

Ms Dolphin and her Traveling Companions followed at their more leisurely normal 58mph Pace.

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