Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Making Christmas Cards

It's That Wonderful Time of the Year!

When Katz helps make Machine Embroidered Christmas Cards.

This was last year's Card.

A Bunch of them

This is the message which always appears on the back of our Cards.
The Antithesis of Bush saying "The Business of America is Business", Eh??

Jan had an Idea! Instead of applying the embroidery to the Card, we could glue it to a Magnet and Folks could stick it on their Fridge.

So here is our Pattern stitched on white felt and glued to a piece of magnet.

About 119,000 Stitches in this PIC.

Stack of Magnets and Cards.

The Card inside.

Looks like somebody better hie-off to the Post Office, don't you think??

Uh, Oh! After printing off the Address Labels, some Dummy thought to compare that pile to the Stack of finished cards and....Yup, a bunch more Magnets were needed.
Time for the Big Guns.

Two machines are better than one.
The Cat hid (a little Noisy and Busy on the Dining Room Table).

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  1. Wow! They are really beautiful cards and the embroidered magnets are a great idea. You guys are really clever and ambitious.


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