Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Professor Adam's Birthday

November 10
Amy thought that Adam needed a Tasty Birthday meal, so she and Chris loaded up the car with Cooking Goodies and drove the 500Mi from Western Massachusetts to Western Penn's Woods.

This was the making of the Main Course, a delightful Mushroom Soup.
It was served with a Salad of Monumental Proportions
and a Thick Crusted Italian Bread.

Sorry, but we ate Amy's Northern Spy Apple Pie before I could get a PIC.

Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Then it was time for a Walk in the Woods.

First Cordelia and her Grandma needed to scare away the Pennsylvania Black Bear, Eh??
Mom and Dad seem unconcerned.

Our Woods has Rocks as well as Trees.
Kids of all ages can't resist playing King of the Rock, Eh?

Trista and Amy watching while Cordelia and Molly-Dog get some exercise.
Notice the Happy Faces, one and all.

Trista, Professor Adam and Amy perfectly framed.

Chris, Cordelia and Amy need to hold hands on the steep Path.

What Fun was had by all!

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  1. Northern Spy Apple Pie- sounds yummy

    Great pictures, enjoyed much!


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