Monday, October 22, 2007

36th Anniversary

Jan and Lew have been Roomies for awhile now....

They were Married in a
Country Church
on Oct 29,1971.

Happy 36th Anniversary, Kids.

Still the Smiling Bride.

Still One Lucky Guy.

Slippery Rock Creek.
A good place to
Celebrate an Anniversary
with a Walk in the Woods.

McConnell's Mill
utilized the
Power of the Water
for many years.
Thankfully preserved
as a State Park.


This Post is about Ms Dolphin.

Here she is Patiently Waiting for her Humanoids.
(Badlands Wall)
Isn't she pretty??

Ms Dolphin wants to show off her Powerful 4cyl 144CID Electronically Fuel Injected 22RE Toyota Engine.

This is what makes possible all of the "Toing and Froing"
back-and-forth across the Continent the Humans seem so fond of.

This is how and where Ms Dolphin's Toads ride.
Notice the 8KBTU 10.8EER Air Conditioner installation. Keeps the Humans (and Cat) COOL.
Oh, and Ms Dolphin wants you to notice her Cutting Edge LED Tail Light Setup.

Lew wants to show off the Flojet Macerator Sewage Pump.
It makes Dump time a breeze.
The Green discharge line is permanently connected and Capped,
so there is no Rinsing of a Biohazard Laden Stinky Slinky.
Just unscrew the Cap (a standard 5/8" garden hose part) and stick
the end in the Dumpstation Pipe. Then flip the Pump switch.
When empty, flip the switch off and carefully cap the Discharge Line.

We are all proud of Ms Dolphin's Kyocera 125W Solar Panel.
Makes 7.1Amps at 17VDC on a sunny mid-day.
Notice also the Cellphone/Aircard Antenna (little vertical one).
The Flying Saucer is an Amplified TV Antenna.

This is Ms Dolphin's lovely Day Lounge/Dining Room/Kitchen.
Bathroom to the rear.

Welcome to Hotel Dolphin!

This is the Nature-Pure Water Filter. Same technology as the Backpacker Filters.
It will filter Ditch Water safe for Drinking.

This is the "Buffy machine", a Samsung 19" LCD HDTV.
Just insert your favorite episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in the DVD Player
(above the TV) and flip on the 12VDC Inverter.


  1. Doug Varney3:41 PM

    I just stumbled on you blog. My wife and I are about to retire and are thinking of buying Ms Dolphin's great aunt. 1985. We spent a wonderful time in Yellowstone and Jackson Lake Lodge as college student summer workers. Did you find serious difficulty getting Ms Dolphin up the hills at that altitude. Her aunt has 200,000 miles under her wheels and we are a bit nervous about a trip that arduous.

  2. Great "tweaking" Lew. I especially admire the water filtering system and the extra independence it allows.
    Tell us if that solar panel is enough for all your electronic needs and how many batteries you have.

  3. Hi, folks. Nope, one 125W panel and one Grp27 AGM isn't enough for all the toys. That TV (running on a little inverter) sucks over 4A (12VDC). A [Web-browsing] Thinkpad takes almost 2A. We may add a second Panel and Battery. That would also make possible a Swamp Cooler. Island Park,ID Temps ran almost 100DegF last summer!


  4. Great site Lew! I looked you up after I read you comment on Tioga and George's site. I like the modifications you made on the Dolphin, specially the water filter. I may use it myself.

    You will have to meet George sometime. He is a very interesting character!


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