Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall in Pennsylvania

Fall in Penns Woods....Time for some Bicycle Riding. Labor Day weekend found us on the old New York Central branchline through Pine Creek Gorge.

At this point one can leave the Rail Trail and walk up the path to the Rim of "Pennsylvania's Little Grand Canyon".

Here we are in the Gorge and the old Railroad Milepost Marker tells us we are 117 Miles from Someplace. I wonder where those far-off-in-Time travelers were bound for?? Can you see them gazing out the Parlor Car Windows at this scene?

The next Weekend (9/8) found us up the Mountain above Cumberland,MD on the old Western Maryland.

We rode alongside what has become the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

And Lookie, Lookie at what we found!!

The next day we were many miles further west outside of Connellsville,Pa.

Today we are 56 Miles from Somewhere. (Pittsburgh)

This is one of few places in-the-Land where an RV Park (with nice Swimming Pool) is immediately beside a Rail Trail.

Sunday, 9/23, we were on the Ernst Trail (an old Bessemer RR branch outside Meadville,PA).

Well, well. A Rail Trail with a Covered bridge. Hmm.

The Bessemer Main Line. The Iron Ore which produced much of America's Steel traveled past this very spot.

The last Weekend in September we were back in Frostburg,Md (up the mountain from Cumberland).

We bicycled (slowly) 7.2Mi up the mountain and through Savage Mountain Tunnel.

So we could come screaming all Hair-on-Fire back down again. Boy, She sure
is Fast!

The first weekend in October we went to Meyersdale,PA where we used to live (old Western Maryland again).

After cycling up the 7Mi to Deal (the Summit on the Western Maryland), we zoomed back down to Meyersdale.
Yup, there is now a Wind Farm on Whitehorse Mountain.

At 2400Ft elevation, on October 6 the leaves are just beginning to change...
Global Climate Change comes to Meyersdale??
Perhaps we need a lot more Wind Turbines and Bicycles, Eh?

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