Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Florida Denizens

There just wasn't room in yesterday's Post for all the Creatures....

While standing above Blue Spring I looked down
and saw this Turtle
Good camo, Eh?

While watching a Manatee I heard a commotion.
Below the platform this Ibis was earning its
Daily Bread.

This Heron was ignoring the Humanoid commotion.
Isn't this scene is straight out of Pogo??

These Gar share the water with the Manatee.
Being 100% Spring Water, this is
a low oxygen environment but
Gar can survive here.

There are at least six Manatee
in this PIC
How many I couldn't count.

This morning a Big Hearty Breakfast was required.
I know, I know. But to us reformed types
this IS hearty.
(That's 3 egg whites with only part of 1 yolk to add color.)

While I Lurked in search of a Manatee this Heron Sailed in.

Then I looked down and Mommy....
was giving Baby its Breakfast.
Look hard, its not a good PIC.
Baby is under Mom.
(of course, that's where the
"Manatee Titties" are,
in the usual location)

I saved the Best for Last.

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  1. Yey! What fun pictures. Especially that last one. I've heard manatees described as "sea cows".


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