Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow and Manatees

The Plan was for Lew to pilot Ms Dolphin to Fort Wilderness Campground (at Disney World) where she would become Hotel Dolphin. You see, it is time for Cordelia to see The Mouse. After Lew, Katz and Ms Dolphin are all settled in at Fort Wilderness then Cordelia, Mommy and Grandma (Jan) will ride the Tin Bird to Orlando. In order to have a time cushion Lew got to leave on Sunday, the 20th whereas the rest of the party won't arrive at The Mouse until Saturday the 26th. Hmmm. What to do in Florida for five days, Eh??

Here was Lew about to start out
(that's a map of his destination-Fort Wilderness CG).
It was 2DegF with a 15Mph breeze blowing!

Yup, that is Snow in North Carolina.
It wasn't until almost Savanna,Ga that the water in the roadside ditches became liquid.

But the next day things were definitely different.
Hey! Those trees are full of Oranges!
What a Treat for Frozen Boy of the North.

Well, its Tuesday afternoon. The Temp is 75DegF and Ms Dolphin is
camped at Blue Spring SP (near Orlando) in Manatee Land.

Lew went for a walk in these Florida Woods....

...and found Blue Spring,
which has a year-round Temperature of 72DegF.
It feeds into the St Johns River and thence
into The Sea.
Sometimes Things swim up from The Sea.

Manatees love the warm water and spend the Winter right here.
(They perish in water temperatures below 60DegF).

These strange and large (this one about 10Ft long) Mammals definitely have Faces.

This pair relaxed about 6Ft below my foot.

They breathe once every couple minutes.

So Lew did manage to find something to do in Florida while awaiting the others....

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  1. Yey! You saw manatees! What strange and fascinating critters.


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