Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Breakfast at the Castle

Cordelia really wanted to meet Cinderella. The only reliable way to do that seems to be by attending a Breakfast at her Castle. But reservations were all booked for our time there.

Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World
(Looks a bit familiar, Eh?)

Jan had an Idea!
On a whim she went to the Castle early one morning....
and there had been a cancellation!
So Cordelia received an invitation to
a Royal Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle.

At the appropriate time we entered the Castle and found...

Cinderella holding Court therein.

Our Princess Cordelia finally met Princess Cinderella.

Look at the Smiles.

We then went upstairs to the Dining Hall.
Quite an Ambiance, Eh?

Where a Table had been Set for us.

Lew wanted Bacon and Eggs with fresh Fruit.

Trista and Jan were served Fresh Fruit on Granola.
Very nice!

Cordelia, who met Princess Jasmine
and renewed her acquaintance with
Belle, Snow White and Aurora,
couldn't have cared less about breakfast.

Three Librarians
(Belle reads a lot in the Beast's Library, right?)
(and takes care of his Books, right?)

Later Fairy Godmother was hanging out outside the Castle.

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  1. Diana7:40 PM

    Your pictures are just out of sight! My granddaughter also did one of these breakfasts, but unfortunately I wasn't along. You're so lucky you got to share it.


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