Monday, February 04, 2008

A Princess Breakfast

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The Disney Princesses strike a Chord with Little Girls.
They just can't get enough of Princesses!
Knowing this, Grandma and Mommy had made "arrangements".
Reservations had been made to attend....
a Princess Breakfast
(at Norway Castle-all booked up at Cinderella's Castle).

The hair must be just right!
(for the Tiara, of course)

Here is our Princess ready to attend a [Disney] Royal Breakfast.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) was there
and in her Wedding Dress!
(rather than her everyday blue Work Dress)

Cordelia had a chat with Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

Snow White autographed Cordelia's copy of the book.

Princess Moulan was in attendance as well.

Cordelia had a wonderful time. She informed all there that she was the replacement Cinderella.
(Cinderella was not in attendance.)

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  1. This was fun to view so it must have been wonderful in person!


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