Friday, May 30, 2008

Almost Summer

Time to start thinking about RV Summertiming.
For practice a 1060Mi weekend seemed like a good Idea.
So off to the Berkshires we went, to visit Amy and Chris.

Along the way we stayed at Bellefonte KOA.
Not what one expects a KOA Kampground to look like, Eh?

Amy and Chris treated us to a meal at Elizabeth's in Pittsfield.
Amy, Chris and Jan had Mushrooms in Penne Pasta and
Lew had baked Salmon with Lemon/Saffron Rice and
Roasted Snap Beans.

The Food and the Company were both Superlative!

The next morning Chris served this enormous
Platter of his Multi-Grain Flapjacks
with fresh-frozen Strawberries and Maple Syrup.

Hmmm, I wonder why this huge breakfast was necessary???

It turns out the Garden needed some Work.

First was turning in fresh Compost.
(Amy and Chris are strictly Organic Gardeners)

Then Amy consulted her Plan.
(She is a pretty serious Gardener, Eh?)

Then the little seedlings got Planted.

A walk in the Berkshire Woods is always a good Idea.

This Path is in Hopkins Forest,
(research property of Williams College)

Jan and Lew had been fussing about Amy's hurt Knee.
They were reassured by her ability to
climb this hill with minimal pain.

Lew loved this specimen of a favorite forest dweller,
the White Pine.
This tree is about the age of this Nation!
A fitting living Memorial to
all those who have died in
all of America's Wars.

Chris and Amy loved this specimen of
another forest dweller.
This Morel Mushroom and several others
found their way onto the
Yummy Pizza Chris later baked.
More exceptional Food and great Company.

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