Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yup, that Magical time of year has finally arrived, when Jan, Lew and Katz get to (in the words of the Kingston Trio song) "Go Bum Again...."

To that end, today Ms Dolphin transported them
to a little Michigan State Park near Ann Arbor.
What a Lovely little lake.
Glacially deranged drainage here.
(also called "Pot&Kettle" country)

The next lake in the next Kettle is inhabited
by these little Bluegill fish.

We had to show off our new Toys. This Post is being brought to you by Mr Sierra Aircard, Mr Cyfre Wireless Router and Mr Cyfre Cellphone Amplifier (also Aircard Amplifier-Aircard Internet Data service uses the same frequencies and Cell Towers).

The Router is the white thing to the left.
The black thing protruding from it's front is the Aircard.
The green box to the right is the Cellphone Amplifier.
Of course the whole thing runs from
Ms Dolphin's 125W Solar Panel.

An Aircard is a radio receiver/transmitter set which receives and transmits Celltower Internet signals. It can be plugged into directly into a Notebook computer.
A Wireless Router is a device which allows two (or more) 'puters to communicate with and utilize the same Aircard. For this purpose, instead of plugging into a single computer the Aircard plugs directly into the Router and comminicates with the computers through WiFi.
The Amplifier makes an otherwise too weak signal usable, thus greatly increasing the distance one can be from a CellTower.

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