Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blast from the Past

Today we pulled in to an old favorite CG,
Forks Camp on the Boardman River near Traverse City,Mi.
We first camped here in 1979 when we lived in Traverse City.

That's the Boardman River.
Katz is doing a bit of exploring.

Younger Jan, Adam and Amy
in the Boardman in 1983.

Also 1983, the same Campsite
as today.
In those days this little campground
was always nearly full.

Notice the empty CG.
Just us here.
I wonder why?

In 1979 Forks Camp was Free.
In 1983 there was a $2 fee.
Today, in 2008, the fee is $15
for an Outhouse and a Handpump well.
Perhaps after paying $4/Gal to get here
people don't have the money to stay here?


  1. Hee! How fun. Have you gone swimming yet?

    $15 for that campground sounds pretty steep, but then, most campground fees sound pretty steep to me these days.

    And I feel like I've misplaced your cell phone number. Perhaps you could email it to me (again)?

  2. On the other hand, it's the middle of the week in early June.

    Cordelia loved it all, but the shot of Dad's work really took me back - that place hasn't changed at all.


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