Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About a Nice Man

We are back at Sleeping Bear Dunes. The first
order of business was....Lunch.

Ms Dolphin's Lunch Camp with the Platte River
and Lake Michigan
outside her window.

On our way back to the CG we stopped at a Put-In where
a very nice man was sitting with his Big Dog.
The dog liked us and perhaps that was his queue.
He offered us the use of his Kayak to paddle down
the River to the Lake where he would pick us up and
return to Ms Dolphin!
Which we did.

A really Nice Man.

Paddling down the Crystal Clear
Fish Filled (we watched them)
Platte River.
Nowhere is the water more than waist deep.

At the Take Out we spotted this
Young Family.
(notice the 10 month old Baby)
The Nice Man also gave
Young Dad a ride back
to their car.


  1. David Schwarz4:14 PM

    Michigan, eh? That's like, 1/4 of the way to Yellowstone. Heck, at that point, you might as well just go the rest of the way. I realize that getting across the lake might be difficult, but there are solutions.

  2. David, we thought you might "enjoy" the post about Cat Barf what with a similar misadventure I seem to recall you having had....There are probably more than a few MHs in the Midwest currently looking a lot like the PIC.


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