Tuesday, June 24, 2008

About RoVing Adventures

Loyal readers may remember that the recent failure of Ms Dolphin's Sewage Macerator Pump occasioned a hurried trip in to Traverse City to procure a new Pump. By the time it's installation was affected the Humanoids were nervous wrecks so a sojourn at nearby Traverse City State Park was just the Ticket.

Another adventure unfolded four days later when, while enjoying a [local] Chocolate Covered Cherry, A Crown came loose from it's Tooth in Jan's mouth. The afternoon was spent finding a Dentist and having him re-cement the Crown. By the time that was done with the Humanoids were again nervous wrecks so a sojourn at Traverse City State Park was again just the Thing.

Some say that Trouble comes in Three's, Eh?

Today Jan and Lew came out of Tom's Market all excited about the rotisserie baked chicken they had just purchased. Contemplating Lunch they stepped into Ms Dolphin and, not glancing down, tracked fresh Cat Vomit all over the place. Phooey. Some quick brainwork and they were off to the Carwash to use the car carpet shampoo/vacuum machine there. After the mess was cleaned up the Humanoids were again nervous wrecks so....another sojourn at Traverse City State Park was in order.

Ms Dolphin's Carpet airing out after
being Shampooed with
Smelly [perfumed] Stuff.

Now for a nice stiff drink and an episode of "Deadwood" (the HBO series depicting Deadwood,SD in it's heyday).

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  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    I hear there are EXCELLENT dentists in Somerset, PA.


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