Monday, June 23, 2008

The Horses of Mackinac Island

After Biking 30Mi in two days Jan and Lew thought
they wanted a rest. So Ms Dolphin trundled down
to the East Jordan Tourist Park, which is owned by
the Township. With the SKP discount $21 for Electric
and Cable TV.

Ms Dolphin Patiently Waited while
Lew got a Burger at McDonalds
and Jan got a Banana Split at
the Ice Cream Joint.

While we rested and played today we thought about
the Horses of Mackinac Island. We are sure
they worked today as they do every day.

They are everywhere there,
the Work Horses are.

A Downtown Traffic Jamb.

This Draft Horse is wearing brand new
Polyurethane faced Shoes.
Note the thickness.

These Shoes are worn down to the
Steel backing.
According to a Driver we
spoke with, these shoes are about
three weeks old.
Proof their wearer did
a lot of in Work
in that short time.

The complex Harness required for
three Horses to Work abreast.

Woofer thought someone had set out
a lot of Water for him.

But THIS is who it was for.
Hard Work requires a lot of Water.

Notice the devoted attention from the Water Boy.
On this Island Symbiosis between
Man and Horse is manifest.

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