Sunday, June 22, 2008

Of Bicycling and Cornish Pasties

Today's exercise was another 14.5Mi bike ride
on Mackinac Island.

Arch Rock,
this time from above.

Thinking to avoid the crowds
today we traveled this
Woodland Path.

Along the way we saw this lovely
Ladyslipper Orchid.

By 3:00PM we were tired, sore and back at Camp Dolphin.
We were also going to shortly be very hungry from
all that exercise (you knew that was coming, Eh?).
To that end we had procured two Cornish Pasties
in Mackinac City on the way back.

The UP Copper Range was largely exploited
using the knowledge and skills of
miners from Cornwall.
One bit of technology they
brought with them was a
meal rugged and hearty enough
to be suitable
for Hard Rock mining.
The Pasty.

Rather than describe it we took PICs of the ones we
subsequently ate..

One traditional Beef and the other Cheese.

No further description needed, Eh?
Probably the world's oldest fast food.
Both the Arthurian legend and
the ballad of Robinhood contain
references to the Pasty.

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