Friday, July 25, 2008


Amy and Chris headed home but Adam, Trista, Cordelia, Jan, Lew and Katz headed for Mount Desert Island (Acadia NP), so named by Champlain himself because the side of Cadillac Mountain he saw was bare Granite.
The Emergent Maine Coast.
The Tide here is fascinating to watch. Low Tide.
High Tide. About 10Ft difference.
Mount Desert Island is pretty big. Sometimes we got around by....
Bus. These free shuttles run all over.
Sometimes we traveled by....
Bike. There are many miles of the old Carriage Road system open to Cyclists. There are steep hills so for every two hills Grandma and Cordelia got to stop and pick&eat.... Maine Blueberries which grow everywhere.
Sometimes we traveled by....
Foot. See the Blue Blaze mark on the Rock? That marks this "Trail" up Cadillac Mountain.
The view from Cadillac Mountain of Bar Harbor.
Trista and Cordelia on the Bar Harbor Floor at Low Tide.
Sometimes you find Things at Low Tide.

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