Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ithaca is Food

All the Meals during our Vacation were above average (Of Course). What Fun!
Amy cutting her Birthday Boston Creme Pie Cake (Vegan, of course).
Later we had Dinner at Za Za's Cucina. Yes, yes, backwards, I know. Cake first, dinner later.
Sometimes Good things to eat don't come from the Supermarket. Sometimes they come right from the Good Earth.
Chris hunting a Chanterelle (a favorite delicacy among Mycologists).
Yup, those are Chanterelle Mushrooms. Later with Pasta they made a Beautiful Meal.
This Meal was Great.
Seitan. Made from Boiled Wheat Gluten.
A Mountain of Chard. Yes, the Corona (Mexican Beer) helps with the Process.
The Marinated Seitan being Grilled.
The Chard being Sauteed with Garlic and Ripe Olives.
The result. Yummy.

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