Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maine Tides

Click on any PIC to enlarge it. When visiting Maryland's Eastern Shore the Tides run about 3Ft. Lew was a bit startled by the 10Ft Tidal variation at Bar Harbor. Jan was less impressed and kept saying....Bay of Fundy! 42Ft!
The view from our Campsite at the Bar Harbor KOA. High Tide....
....and Low Tide.
On up the Maine Coast is the State Park on Cobscook Bay.
High Tide from our Campsite there....
....and then approaching Low Tide.
Six hours hence Jan would be 18Ft underwater!
On up to Campobello Island at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy....
That water is about 21Ft deep right now at High Tide. At Low Tide you can walk across to the Lighthouse.
The water rises as fast as 5Ft/Hr. The flow through this channel raises 3Ft standing waves. What a Scary place.
A hundred feet from the Tidal Race these Seals frolicked with impunity.

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